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No one ever stops being a tourist in life. Wandering aimlessly is a true goal in itself.

You are always looking for that unique memory or connection that makes your current place in time seem personal. And you are always surprised with what you find around the next corner. Sometimes that destination or secret location becomes an infatuation. Sometimes it's when you are in an alley and the the seedy things in society start to creep out.

My artwork has wandered.

In Imagined Landscapes, an earlier series that I frequently revisit; I was producing nearly abstract vibrant landscapes commenting on societal norms. Landscapes that are overly architectural or sadly ruined by over-development, like in the painting “A Last Glimmer.” 

The unsavory work sometimes gives way to bright, heavenly, landscapes that easily define the colorful yet sometimes seedy Barrios of Brazil or the tranquil dunes of Provincetown, Massachusetts

My new work is a continuation of this but heavily focuses on the Sea.  I love the fact that the power of the ocean can quickly turn from serene to tempestuous.

There is a duality here and it resonates with my personality.


18th Street Elites, 2013, Oil and Mixed Media on canvas, 16 x 16 inches